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Remote Helper is a client for the Remote HD iPhone app
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Remote Helper is a client for the Remote HD iPhone app. Remote HD is a very popular iPhone app that allows you to control your Windows or Mac computer from your iPhone. As I have read, the application was previously called Remote Jr. and it was designed as a remote control app. That functionality was preserved, but a variety of new features was added. For example, Remote HD now allows you to view your Windows or Mac computer on your iOS device with a VNC-like approach. Another interesting feature is audio streaming. With it, you can send music from your computer to your iOS device. You can also use Remote HD as a wireless trackpad, mouse and keyboard and to open and quit applications remotely.

This is all thanks to the Remote Helper, which is the application that you install on your computer and which allows it to connect to your iPhone. The helper requires .NET Framework 4 to work and Bonjour for automatic discovery of iOS devices. The helper can forward ports automatically if you have a router that supports uPNP. You can access the computer which has the helper on it from your LAN or over the Internet. There are a few options for you to play with in the helper's configuration window. I recommend you take the time to set this application well enough, so that you don't face any problems when you really need to use it.

The helper app is free but the iPhone app is $7.99.

José Fernández
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